Secure Settings is no more

Secure Settings on Marshmallow devices is a pain to use. This essentially affects all devices with a system-less root access.  No other methods of fixing the app or the root access were working for me. The app itself has been dormant with the updates since 2014, so I took it to google to find some solutions. Please note that I don’t use the Secure Settings as much as I used to, but sometimes I need an odd command to be available to me.

2016-10-25 UPDATE

I was able to install the Secure Settings on a Nougat device (Nexus 6P) I believe the same method would work with the Marshmellow devices. Please see this article.

Replace Secure Settings with Shell Commands

You can find 40+ Shell commands in my other post here. Turns out that thanks to the Reddit post a lot of googles can be achieved with the shell commands. Root will be needed, however, I assume that you have one. If you are interested in using Secure Settings in the first place. as the Reddit post could be done little better, and more usable, I would organize the list in a more usable form.

Shell commands:

Paste the appropriate command into Run Shell action in Tasker (Code – Run Shell), make sure the Use Root is selected.Run Shell in Tasker




  1. Hi Mat!
    It is a pity that Secure Settings joined the ranks of abandon-ware. Thanks very much for your post (and the follow-up posts) – a lot of this will be very useful.

    My workaround for the root actions no longer working (and root not being detected) was to symlink my actual root binary (/su/bin/su) to where Secure Settings expected it (/system/xbin/su) [of course you have to remount /system rw]. Not very nice, but the trick for me – for now (until I flash the next rom and forget what I have been doing).


    • Autotools has also secure settings alike toggle. The feature is new and may not work for everyone but it’s good to watch this app. I’m writing the guide to autotools. Should be out this week with a video as well

  2. This is the most wonderfull article I’ve ever seen! So tired of obsolete Secure Settings! So easy and no need to use extra apps – Tasker can do it itself. Thank you!

    • Thank you. You can also look at autotools. It has some secure settings functionality built in. There is a recent post about autotools on my page.

  3. Hi, Few questions:

    1) I’m looking for a way to set a new lockscreen owner informations with a shell command.

    2) And how do the same as “Lock Device” (like SecureSettings do) in shell command too.

    3) same for pattern lock, how activate-desactivate in shell command.

    4) How to set a lockscreen by password.(like SecureSettings do) in shell command.

    I would like too install nougat (7.0) on Xperia SP without the old SecureSettings app…

    Thanks for your help 🙂

  4. From what I have seen online. xposed modules should be able to handle your requirements, I have not come across any commands for above. I’m sorry

    • Sure, with xposed , I could probably do this actions, I have a module for the wifi on 6.0.1 but xposed is not again available for 7.0 on my. Xperia SP. I just bought some nfc tags to use it with SmartLock on 7.0 .
      But I dont see some xposed modules able to change the lockscreen mod (pattern, password, pin)…or to set a new message of owner informations on the lockscreen…
      nothing aseasy as Securesettings….
      Shells command are nice but we cant drive all the settings or maybe we can but its really more complicated when we don’t know the language…..

      • The biggest issue with the android are the updates, half of the changes aim to prevent from apps like secure settings to have the access to secure layers of android. This is a good thing for millions of users but a bad news for a tinkerers like us. Each hack will be fixed eventually, and replaced eventually with an alternative one. N7 is too young and adoption rate too slow to push the development through.

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