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One of the most popular questions I come across on forums and my Youtube channel is how to make the home profile in Tasker stick. It is not that easy, if you insist on using as low power as possible. I wrote recently a guide for Pocketables.com about setting up a profile that is battery friendly and allows you to turn off your connectivity while keeping the home status. The main idea behind this profile is to integrate the WIFI and Cell Near condition together. This profile perhaps may not be perfect  for all of you, as cell near can be tricky to work with in a countryside, or if your work/school is close, but should give you an idea how to start your perfect home profile.

Alternatively, you could use a Bluetooth to enable home profile in Tasker. Prices of beacons are coming down, also Raspberry PI 3 has LTE BT chip already built-in, so you get more and more options to create the profile you want.   Bluetooth has low power consumption and beacons allow you to set the frequency and interval of operation, allowing for a very long use (up to 2-3 years). This would be your best alternative, if you are unable to use the profile from the tutorial.

All your actions are triggered by the %Home = 1  condition, while it is possible to put this inside other tasks, I find it easier to do this that way, as you can modify and link other profiles easier. Transition from this profile to a night mode, would be very simple. This is something that I will cover in my next post.

Let me know in comments how do you run your home profiles, I’m curious to hear your solutions.

[toggle title=”See profile description here”]

[tab title=”CELL NEAR”]

Profile: Cell Near Home (13)

Restore: no

State: Cell Near [ Cell Tower / Last Signal:PSC:492 / 0

PSC:10 / 0

GSM:1087.6981287 / 4 Ignore Cells:* ]

Enter: Enable Wifi (14)

A1: WiFi [ Set:On ]


Exit: Disable WIFI Leave Home (15)

A1: WiFi [ Set:Off ]

A2: Variable Set [ Name:%Home To:0 Do Maths:Off Append:Off ] [/tab]
[tab title=”WIFI CONNECTED”]

Profile: Wifi Home (16)

Restore: no

State: Wifi Connected [ SSID:FASTBERRY MAC:* IP:* ]

Enter: Set Home (17)

A1: Variable Set [ Name:%Home To:1 Do Maths:Off Append:Off ] [/tab]
[tab title=”HOME VALUE”]

Profile: Home Value (18)

Restore: no

State: Variable Value [ %Home ~ 1 ]

Enter: Home Tasks+ (19)

A1: Flash [ Text:You are home Long:On ]


Exit: Home Tasks- (20)

A1: Flash [ Text:You are not home Long:On [/tab]

[box type=”info”]

Home_Profile.prj.xml  (import through project menu)

Tasker Home Profile  for Android 6.0, Nexus 6P


  1. Many thanks for this lesson .I ‘ve tried to do similar profile before but I didn’t success.But after this video I’ve done it .Please could you answer my question which is which cases we should use this profile(state>phone>cell near) and which cases we should use this profile (state> net>wifi near) .

    • The Cell near range is huge comparing with WIFI near, but also comes with about 10% power saving. If your secondary location is within the same cells, then wifi near could be your option to go. Otherwise try using cell near whenever possible, as you will have almost no impact on battery life.

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