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I'm writing tutorials for Tasker, which means I often get asked a lot of questions about how to use Tasker.  Sadly, I was never...

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Tasker PC control – #Tutorial 3 (Apps menu)

We know how to set up this framework from part one, we also set up the volume controls in part two. Time to open...

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Join App by Joao Dias adds new features each week, it's hard to catch up sometimes. While the big deal for me was the...

Windows 10 Action Center, Chrome and Tasker

Chrome is going to get the ability to display its notifications using Windows 10 Action Center. That's Ok I guess, but what floats my...

How to use Join App in NodeRED

It has been a few days since Joao got the Join working with the NodeRED. If you never heard of NodeRED, this is a...