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AutoVoice – custom voice commands and regex groups

I have received few inquiries about the AutoVoice regex groups. I decided to put together very quick tutorial how to approach the commands like...

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Tasker total charging time – a project to test chargers

In my last post, I have reviewed an Oittm USB-C/2xUSB-A charger (feel free to take a look, spoiler alert: I like it), I measured...

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Watch Face – Minimal & Elegant (with Tasker integration)

If you are a Tasker fan and own a smart watch, you are probably aware of AutoWear. However useful it is, it's  not going...

Content aware Tasker fingerprint reader

Fingerprint readers are pretty much useless in the default state. You can unlock the phone, or authorize a purchase, but other than this the...

Tasker Variable, that you may not care for

Today, I made a silly mistake. I posted a video revealing URL to my NodeRED server. Thankfully, Parth messaged me straight away and I removed...