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Raspberry Pi Tutorials

Raspbian Stretch network interface name changes

Finally, I got some free time to update Raspbian Jessie to Raspbian Stretch on my Raspberry Pi. Following initial advice, I started from scratch, therefore, everything had to be set as well. I mentioned...
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Tips for building AIY speaker

Building AIY speaker was a pleasure. I went live and streamed the entire process without prior preparation. The viewers could see me struggle a bit, therefore, I thought it would be a good idea...
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The hassle free VPN – piVPN server

Setting up your own VPN server sounds complicated and time-consuming. It was at first, especially when you are trying to do this from China and half of the internet related to VPN is not...
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How to use Raspberry PI as WOL (wake on lan) server

Having your PC wired comes with many benefits, one of which is having the WOL functionality. Waking your computer remotely can be a great solution if you are lazy, or you need to access...
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Windows 10 IoT core on Raspberry Pi

The Windows 10 has been making way to various devices and for some time is available on the Raspberry Pi as well.  In this tutorial, I will show you how to install, connect, access...
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Beginner’s electronics guide Raspberry Pi, Arduino

This beginner's guide aims to give you basic knowledge, and understanding of electronic circuits. The Very much-needed thing if you want to explore RPI and...

Raspberry NAS – pi under $21* part 2

Previously in part 1 I was trying to figure out if the project is doable. If you are interested in the Raspberry NAS pi...

Tasker and NodeRED – Streamlining notification system

From the previous write up we know I can use Tasker and NodeRED together. I want to have a very efficient and easy way...

Sonar HC-SR04 ultrasonic ranger for a Raspberry PI & Arduino

How to connect sonar to raspberry pi.

Humidity and Temperature sensor DHT-11 (&DHT-22) for Raspberry Pi and Arduino

Tech details: Supply voltage: 3.3-5V Supply current (running): 0.5mA typ. (2.5mA max.) Supply current (stand-by): 100uA typ. (150uA max.) Temperature range: 0 / +50°C...