Flashing ESP8266 with NodeMCU (Windows, Linux, Arduino and Raspberry Pi)

Each time when I'm unable to find a coherent guide on a single page within three pages of Google search, I'm creating an article like this. Flashing ESP8266 is easy if you know what you...
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Building a ESP8266-01 flash adapter

If you planning to play with more than 2 ESP8266-01 boards you will need an ESP8266-01 flash adapter. Trust me, you will thank me later. To flash the board you need to hook up...
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ESP8266 WIFI lights under $5

I'm happy to report that a progress has been made on my WIFI lights project. Now I can turn on and off the ESP8266 WIFI lights with a switch or internet services. I have been...
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ESP8266 ceiling light – demo

I have been working on this for some time now. It took me ages to get to the working prototype of ESP8266 ceiling light, mostly because I had no knowledge about electronics. Each time I...
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